K-12 students participated in a virtual, science conference for OhioView’s SATELLITES remote sensing conference.  Students, whose teachers have participated in SATELLITES, took observations and developed inquiry-based research projects to explore their local landscapes in order to understand the way in which the polar regions affect the Earth.  The theme for the SATELLITES projects was the International Polar Year.  Students prepared research projects and then video taped them.  They posted their videos on http://teachertube.com in April 2009.

Winners listed after the jump!

Grades K-6

1st place – Nadia Coleman, McTigue Middle School, Toledo, OH, Which Wing of McTigue is the coldest?, Teacher-Penny Choma

2nd place – Brandon Stralka and Summer Motton, South Suburban Montessori, Brecksville, OH, What is the Relationship between Elevation and Snow Cover?, Teacher-Kim White

3rd place – Jake Keating and Mike Rotter, Highlands Elementary School, Naperville, IL, Water is falling; tempreatures aer rising and drowning, Teacher-Susan Kouri

Grades 7-9

1st place – Samantha Gordon, Alain Vue and Bryan Webman, Roswell Kent Middle School, Akron, OH, Surface and air temperature according to albedo, Teacher-Steve Frantz

2nd place – Austin Johnson, Michael Mowery, Boy’s Village School, Smithville, OH, Climate_Change and Walruses, Teacher – Debbie Beechy

3rd place – Bellefontaine High School, Temperature related by elevation, Teacher – Dennis Versele.

Grades 10-12

1st place – Kyle Francis, Alex Lachat, and Abbey Monnin, Russia High School, Russia, OH, The effects between air temperature and the formation and persistence of contrails, Teacher – Eric Sullenberger

2nd place – Corion Jones, Alexandra Davies, Abbey Janowiecki and Sydney Parker, Central Catholi High School, Toledo, OH, DOES SNOW SERVE AS A GROUND INSULATOR?, Teacher – Ann HajIbrahim

3rd place – Tiana Duncan, Derrick Holliday and Bobbi Kolson, Barberton High School, Barberton, OH, The Tundra & Taiga Versus the north and south pole, Teacher – Russ Calvert